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Under this program, schools eliminated team sports from their school’s offering to s… Concludes that the money the ncaa and universities make off of sports raises questions about where all that money goes. Analyzes how title ix enforcement had an adverse effect on the number of participation opportunities at ncaa division i institutions for male students. Explains that the ncaa tournament is played in a single game elimination format, which makes it exciting because every team has an equal shot to win.

why college athletes should be paid essay

No system or organization is flawless and will always come with a few hiccups along the way. But despite those, college athletics will always remain an integral and a valuable part concerning their role in higher education. Explains that over 50% of high schoolers play sports and there are approximately 4 million male athletes and 3 million female athletes.

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Mandating the pay would convert it into a legal employment contract and provide athletes an opportunity to unionize. This means they will be managing the same matters as professional athletes and franchises do. Apart from that, coaches also get extra payment to encourage students to wear the products in unison.

why college athletes should be paid essay

In this essay I will be looking at the influence in which professional sport has had on sport itself and how people perceive sport. The objective of this essay will be to define some key terms such as ethics, professional, sportsmanship and gamesmanship. I will elaborate on those points looking to provide a link to theories such as sociological and deviance papers on gun control and beliefs which I will then look to relate them to sport using a sporting example. When we talk of gender inequality in sport, we tend to focus on the gender pay gap. In most sports, women earn significantly less than their male counterparts and that, even though professional athletes, regardless of their gender, put in the same amount of work.

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The real problem isn’t about the college athletes competing against each other. In fact, it is an industry worth multi-billions and involves third-party businesses. Always ensure you go for the free ones and even with these, please check exactly what personal details they are asking for. It’s worth checking out student scholarships, scholarships and college scholarships to name three. Some scholarships for college are merit-based, where you earn them by meeting or exceeding certain standards set by the scholarship-giver. Merit scholarships might be awarded based on academic achievement or on a combination of academics and a special talent, trait, or interest.

  1. Parry and McNamee suggest that any sportsman using mind games and trash talk is also going against Virtue theory of performing a morally correct action.
  2. There were also changes in the eligibility of the schools, such as an increase in eligibility requirements.
  3. Explains that the inclusion of intersexed and transgendered / transsexual participants is a follow on to the ‘participant sport’ idea of teams being view as and run as gender neutral.
  4. USC was put on probation for four years by the NCAA, and the Trojans were banned from playing bowl games following the 2010 and 2011 seasons.
  5. Not every student knows about the right college application essay format.
  6. The revenue some schools make off of their football program alone is ridiculous.

Some teams will be seen out of competition simply because they are not eligible as per the new regulations. Ethical views from the media or coaches can lead to how athletes ethically view situations. Athletes’ are put under enormous pressure to win, and each athlete face the same temptations to achieve this goal . However whether or not individuals choose to act on these temptations depends on what the athlete becomes to believe is morally right and wrong . Anti-doping agencies look to prevent the use of performance enhancing drugs by doing random tests.


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It’s as much about interpersonal skills as it is about physical attributes. Once a player has a good balance between playing the sport well and getting along with team members and staff, they’re more definition of reflective essay attractive to scouts. Definitely, not every student-athlete receives a scholarship and other benefits, but many are. Athletes playing for national championships are mainly included in this category.

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Explains that college athletics promotes character development among student-athletes and helps develop independent adolescents. Explains that many high schools have adopted essay body paragraph examples the “pay to play” model as a way to offset costs of athletic programs. Explains that there has been a lot of athletic scandals in colleges in most parts of the world.

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There is less of a market for womens sport

So, compensating student-athletes for their contribution in generating revenue would be their rightful share. There are good chances that compensation would limit the cases where college athletes got involved in corruption with agents, boosters, and others. Seton Hall Sports Poll in 2019 revealed that 60% of the audience agreed to allow the college athletes the compensation for their reputation and likeness, 32% disagreed, and 8% were unsure. If college athletes challenge this rule, they can get unqualified to play in any of the events organized by the NCAA. But athletic scholarships aren’t only limited to Division I and II sports. There are also scholarships for lesser-known sports, such as rifle, bowling or surfing.

  1. This quote above is an act of gamesmanship and not sportsmanship as it cannot be deemed ethically right to stop the participation of foreign players in the English game based on nationality alone.
  2. Opines that the drop of text messages to players after june 15 attests that communication would improve and hence, players will once again be empowered.
  3. Explains that college football has become a huge money-maker over the past 10 or so years.
  4. Argues that paying college athletes who participate in the two revenue sports of men’s basketball and football is not a bad idea at all.
  5. 173 million people use PayPal to shop on millions of sites worldwide, in 202 countries and with 21 different currencies.

You should also be on good terms with your coach as they can recommend you to league scouts as they tend to know each other. Ancient Greece introduced formal sport, with the first Olympic Games in 776 BC, that included sports such as human and chariot races, wrestling, jumping, disk and javelin throwing, and more.

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Dr Laura Claus’s research primarily focuses on social entrepreneurship, social movements, social innovation, impact investing, and new organisational forms for development. Dr Claus has a particular interest to understand how organisations can act as social movement entrepreneurs to facilitate social change. As such, her research is positioned at the intersection how to cite something in an essay of organisation theory and social movement theory. Over the past few years, she has conducted fieldwork on child marriage in Indonesia, an activist organisation in Nigeria, and an impact investing initiative in Tanzania. Finally, making abortion legal can help reduce the number of unsafe abortions, which can aid in reducing the spread of disease.

why college athletes should be paid essay

Another way of becoming a pro football player is by hiring a sports agent. They use their connections to help you get noticed by football teams and are involved in salary and contract negotiations. If you may not have made the draft for the NFL, an agent is also important in helping you join other professional football leagues and have a promising career. Ideally, you should start while in middle school, but you can still start in high school. At 13 years old, you still have the time to develop your skills to a high level by the time you join a professional league. These early years are crucial for eventually heading down a professional career path.

Tips if You Want to Become a Pro Football Player

Opines that if a woman wanted to play football, she should be given an equal and fair chance to participate. Old mind sets are hard to change, and bringing the old mind set coaches and staff into modern equality approaches will be difficult for schools.

  1. Title ix implementation by public colleges and universities is to make mens’ and women’s sports appear on equal grounds.
  2. ‘Sports are all about breaking down barriers; not just the barriers of speed and scores, championships and personal bests.
  3. This according to Rosen is achieved by people been taught the right morals through sport which can then be passed into society.
  4. Argues that the lack of education that student-athletes maintain is alarming, adding to the uncertainty that college athletics are beneficial for higher education.
  5. Proposes an additional statute change that would define that all competitions shall take place without personal or team record keeping, scoring, or accomplishments.
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